Orange County Properties most Efficient Heating Options

What are the most efficient heating choices for Orange County properties? If you are the owner of a property that has a fireplace, you may not know that they can use a lot of energy without providing the heat that is needed. The conventional style fireplaces generally only convert 15% of the energy from wood into heat. However, installing an energy-efficient fireplace can result in ratings of over 75%.

What are the most efficient wood burning fireplaces you can have in Orange County properties? The Rumford is one type that utilizes a shallow box that will allow more heat to be generated into a room. The installation of EPA-rated fireplaces is another way of saving energy and they also produce less air pollution. These fireplaces are designed to use the air from outdoors for combustion and they also circulate the air from the room around the fire box to provide the maximum useable heat.

Another benefit that installing certain types of fireplaces in Orange County properties can reap is the federal tax credit of up to $300. Qualifying types may apply for the credit through the end of the year. There are several states that also have tax credit for improvements made to save energy, which includes fireplaces.

When choosing these energy-efficient methods, fireplace inserts are another approach. They use the air from outdoors for combustion and they help the air to circulate within the room. The inserts are available in a number of varieties that burn wood as well as pellets. Many inserts have a rating of 80% efficiency. This is another option for improving the energy-efficiency of Orange County properties.

If the Orange County properties have a traditional fireplace and you are looking for another way of improving efficiency, glass doors are helpful. They prevent large amounts of air from the room from being pulled up the chimney during combustion. This will stop the heat from escaping outdoors. When the damper is open and you are letting the fire burn down leaving the doors closed will help, but when you want the fireplace to warm the room, leave the doors open. This improvement may cost between $300 and $500, but the return on the investment will be recouped by the savings on energy costs.

A gas fireplace is another option for Orange County properties if you are looking for low maintenance and convenience. Choose between direct-vent and vent-free fireplaces. They both provide benefits such as the use of outdoor air for combustion and the vent-free does not exhaust outside, but it does release a fair amount of moisture into the indoor air.

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