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Home Improvements with the Best Resale Value

Remodeling magazine recently released its annual Cost vs. Value report, which looks at 35 home improvement projects and determines the average cost and what you can expect to receive upon resale. For the second year in a row, the most valuable addition to a home was a steel-door entryway. A steel-door entryway is a quick [...]

Don’t Forget Resale Appeal When Making Home Renovations

When deciding to make home renovations, there are a few things you will want to consider to make sure you don't hurt its potential resale appeal. The folks over at the Zillow Blog point out the typical homebuyer today plans to stay on average of just between five and seven years before moving on. Therefore [...]

Top 10 Updates for your House in Anaheim

With the current housing market being tough for buyers and sellers, if you own a house in Anaheim, you may want to consider making improvements. Although not all renovations will result in a return on your investment; however here are 10 that generally do. Does your home have a basement? Remodeling this space and turning [...]

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Increase your curb appeal

According to results from 2009 Cost vs. Value Report, resale of residential homes can get a healthy boost from small-scale exterior upgrades. Projects such as certain types of door and siding replacements, wood deck additions, steel entry door replacement and upscale fiber-cement sliding replacements all recouped up to 83% of costs. Common misconception that only interior [...]

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